Storage and Amazon FBA Solutions in Texas

Aradepo offers customized storage services, including Amazon FBA fulfillment and beyond, in Texas.
We're not just storing; we're growing your business.



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Fast, Flexible, Reliable

New Standard in Logistics

Specialized storage solutions for Amazon FBA from the heart of Texas. Accelerate your business with Aradepo.


We swiftly process your Amazon FBA orders, aiming for your business to stay one step ahead in the market competition. With timely deliveries and a constantly moving logistics chain, we maximize customer satisfaction, ensuring the continuous growth of your business.

Specialized Solutions

We develop unique and customized storage solutions for every business. By tailoring strategies that perfectly fit your needs, we reduce your workload, and enhance efficiency in your storage and logistics processes. Your success is our top priority.

Secure Storage

Our facilities are equipped with the highest security standards to securely store your valuable inventory. While providing excellent protection for your products, you can focus on your business. We ensure systematic operations under the control of innovative technologies.

Global Supply Chain Solutions

Storage from A to Z

Fulfillment Services

Amazon FBA Fulfillment
E-commerce Order Processing

Refund Management

Refund Process Management
Destruction Management


Secure Storage Services
Inventory and Stock Tracking

Packaging Services

Custom Packaging
Flexible Packaging Solutions

An Experience Beyond Storage

As Aradepo, we understand your business's logistics needs and provide customized solutions. If you are looking for effective storage and logistics services for your business, contact us for detailed information and personalized offers. Our expert team will be happy to communicate with you to provide the most suitable solutions for your needs.

Why Texas?

Strategical Location

Being located in Texas offers significant advantages in providing fast and efficient access to the entire United States. These benefits directly contribute to the growth of your business, allowing us to offer time and cost advantages to your customers.

Advanced Infrastructure
Comprehensive Logistics Network
Strong Trade Network
Extensive Transportation Options

Texas with Numbers


The Port of Houston, Texas, ranks first in seaport trade in the state. It generates an annual cargo revenue of 200 million tons.


Fifty percent of the U.S. population resides within a 1000-mile radius of Texas.


The Port of Houston is a 52-mile-long ship channel that processes 70% of all goods passing through the Gulf of Mexico.

331 Million

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